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The Madiedo Meteorite Collection

Although having a close look or even touching a fragment of, for instance, the Moon, planet Mars or even asteroid Vesta is fascinating, these rocks are also very useful from the scientific point of view. In fact, a meteorite collection can be a very valuable tool to get information from materials that played a fundamental role in the construction and evolution of our Solar System.

The Madiedo Meteorite Collection is involved in research, but also in education and outreach projects. This is a private collection owned by Prof. Madiedo, who is also its curator, that nowadays consists of over 800 meteorites, but also includes thin sections, "meteorwrongs" and fragments obtained from impact structures produced by the collision of big rocks with Earth.

If you need more information about this collection or if you are interested in collaborating in any of these research or outreach projects, please follow this link.


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