Museo Virtual de Meteoritos
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The Virtual Museum for Meteorites

Meteorites are fragments of stone and metal coming from different places in the Solar System. They have survived to their violent entry in our atmosphere and provide us very valuable information about the origin and evolution of our planetary system. Besides, they could even provide important clues about the origin of life on Earth. The Virtual Museum for Meteorites has been conceived as a tool to promote the key role that these fragments from other worlds have in Science.

The contents of the Virtual Museum for Meteorites are based on my private collection. Some of my meteorites have been exhibited during the last years in different places in order to explain the importance of these stones. The Virtual Museum arises with the aim to continue this education and outreach process, so that anyone interested in these subjects can perform a virtual travel and visit this collection from any computer connected to Internet. For this purpose, several virtual rooms have been created. These are dedicated to different subjects related to meteorites and their impacts on Earth. I hope visitors enjoy these contents.

José María Madiedo


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